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Tends Healthcare Sevices
Medical Treatment
Medical Treatment

Tends healthcare provides its clients with necessary medical assistance using latest technology developements which gives opportunity to save time, obtain accurate results and recudes waiting period in hospitals.

Ayurvedic Treatment
Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda follows a century old Hindu medicine tradition to most effectively help you keep all your body systems in balance by means of diets, herbs and yoga.


Healthcare journey to India you chose will give you opportunity to save even more money than you expected which you can spend on enjoing Goa beaches, watching wild animals in Madhya Pradesh.

Personal Consultation
Personal Consultation

To easily use all services offered THC will provide you with your personal assistant, who will be engaged only in your case from the moment of enquiry till you come back.

Why India?

Canadian Health&Care Mall is online pharmacy gaining its popularity worldwide due to various aspects. First of all, our online store sells generic drugs of high quality only produced in India. The price on such drugs is considerably lower in comparison with brand ones. Secondly, Canadian Pharmacy Mall provides people with an opportunity to buy generic medications online over the counter. But we recommend you to consult a doctor before starting any drugs application. Thirdly, we provide people with security and anonimity while making orders. Your data is carefully protected by special encrypting services.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall welcomes you here!

Why India

Dr.Kylee Leewan
According to leading medical travel journals and government survey India is expected to reach 1.3 millionunprecedented number of medical travelers by 2013. The growth of this number is at the rate of 30% per year. The reason being obvious as the medical procedures are becoming expensive in native countries. Jane Wilson, a orthopedic patient from California was unable to undergo an expensive hip replacement surgery as she was not insured and had to fly to India for her treatment, which saved her money even after her travel expenses. Many patients like Jane had to choose India because of not having insurance or even they did, their insurance didn’t cover important treatments.

Brandon Jefferson from Nigeria, Africa was prescribed a cardiac surgery. Due to the poor healthcare services and complication of his case Brandon travelled to India and got the treatment in time without waiting for appointment ,from an experienced doctor with world class facilities.
Treatment cost statistics for medical travelers shows that, compared to any other country in the world patients get to save 60-90% in India. In USA a hip replacement ranges from $11,100 to almost $126,000 whereas in India it costs tentatively $ 3000-9000 in a Internationally Accredited Hospital like JCI and NABH. Check out approximate prices for other treatment here.

Apart from the cost, hospitals in India are equipped with latest technology for all sorts of treatments and highly experienced doctors and team of medical staff at your service.

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