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Briefly about ED (Impotence)

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction – presence of abnormalities that are associated with erectile dysfunction. It is expressed by total or partial inability to achieve or maintain erection necessary to perform sexual intercourse. Such a disease reduces male quality of life. It is possible to get rid of this problem, if to carry out treatment of erectile dysfunction with experts having corresponding qualification and long-term experience.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction is observed in about third part of men aged 18-59 years. In most cases, it is not independent disease. More often its presence testifies to more serious health problems. So, typical complication in diabetes mellitus is erectile dysfunction. Often abnormalities that are associated with erection disorder occur for psychological reasons.Erectile dysfunctionIn addition, it can be caused by:

  • neurological disorders;
  • low level of male hormones;
  • defects of penile anatomy;
  • incorrect way of living;
  • bad habits: smoking, alcohol and drugs abuse.

IMPORTANT: Erectile dysfunction diagnosis is usually established if patient is not able to support erection in 25% or more of sexual intercourses that he is trying to carry out.

Erectile Dysfunction Types

Depending on ED cause, erectile dysfunction can be:

  • psychogenic, which develops in presence of psychological problems;
  • vasculogenic, accompanied by disorders of arteries, veins (vascular erectile dysfunction);
  • hormonal, which is characterized by change in hormonal background;
  • neurogenic (occurs as a result of injuries of brain or spinal cord);
  • medicamentous, when taking certain medications leads to inability to maintain erection;
  • cavernous, which is observed with smooth muscles dystrophy;
  • mixed, that is, if there are several causes at once, which provoke deviations from norm.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics

Even treatment of mild erectile dysfunction is performed after comprehensive examination. At the first stage, questioning of patient who has addressed with complaint about inability to maintain erection is conducted. A blood test is done to know hormones level, other tests that allow you to determine ED cause. The degree of sensitivity of sexual sphere is studied. An ultrasound is being performed, scanning penile vessels. If necessary, tests are performed with use of vasoactive substances.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Results

Regardless of whether erectile dysfunction is detected at young age or at more mature years, cause of this phenomenon is determined by treatment method. Special medicines are often appointed that should be taken under doctor’s supervision.

In identifying any diseases that lead to abnormalities development, their treatment is conducted with participation of relevant specialists. With lowered level of male hormones, hormone therapy is prescribed. Often, intracavernous injections that have a vasodilating effect are made.

If psychogenic erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, then psychotherapist, sexologist, is involved in treatment. Fulfilling recommendations of these specialists, you are able to struggle with root cause of erectile dysfunction. However, in any case, it takes some time to get desired result.

Erectile Dysfunction Prevention

As prevention of erectile dysfunction development, you must try:

  • to keep healthy lifestyle;
  • to do physical exercise;
  • to eat right;
  • to establish rest/work regimen;
  • to ensure maintenance of regular sexual life.

When there are sexual problems, it is necessary in time to seek advice of specialists. With this attitude to yourself probability of erectile dysfunction will be minimal.

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